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  • Adults and children >140cm From: For: €39.50
  • Children 90 - 140 cm From: For: €32.50
  • Child < 90 cm From: For: €0.00
  • Birthday people From: For: €0.00

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Frequently asked questions


  • How much is the admission price for Toverland?
    We work with variable ticket prices in the basic categories Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These categories are based on our opening times and corresponding offer on the day of your visit. View our ticket calendar to find out which base tariff and when. Buy your dated ticket via, and receive up to €7.00 discount per person on our basic tariff.
  • Will I receive a discount when I buy my tickets online?
    The earlier you buy your dated tickets on, the higher your discount. If you buy your ticket at least 7 days before your planned visit, you can profit from our Early Bird discount. This discount is always €7.00 on the basic tariff for visitors with a height of 140 cm and more, and €3.50 for children with a height between 90 and 140 cm. If you buy your tickets less than 7 days before your visiting day, you still profit from a €2.00 discount (visitors from 140 cm) or €0.50 discount (children 90 - 140 cm).
  • Why do I receive a higher discount when I buy my tickets earlier?
    If you buy your tickets at least 7 days before your visit to Toverland, you profit from a high Early Bird discount up to €7.00 per person. By letting us know 7 days in advance on which day you want to visit Toverland, you have given us an ever better picture of the number of visitors we will welcome that day. It allows us to make a suitable staff planning so that you can have the maximum joy out of your visit to Toverland. And that’s why we love to reward you with a high Early Bird discount.
  • I have bought a dated ticket, but decided to visit on a different day. What can I do?
    It can happen that you have bought dated tickets, but either can’t or don’t want to visit us on that day through circumstances beyond your control. In that case you pay the difference between the amount you have already paid and the day price of your new visiting day. This way you can upgrade your current ticket. On the day of your visit, go to our Guest Service which is located near the main entrance. Here you can find out the day price of your new visiting day.
  • Why do you have variable ticket prices?
    No day is the same at Toverland. Throughout the year we organise various events – like the Midsummer Evenings and Halloween Nights – with extra entertainment and experiences. Also our opening times are different throughout the year. During the summer holiday we are open until at least 20:00 hours for example. The basic prices in the categories Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are based on our opening times and corresponding park offer.
  • Do I need to print out my ticket?
    No, this is not necessary. Tickets can be scanned from a smartphone. Just make sure that the brightness of your screen is set to maximum, the original PDF-file is opened (no screenshots) and that there are no cracks in your screen when showing us the tickets on your smartphone.
  • Can I return or exchange the tickets?
    We do not offer refunds on tickets. For further questions about returning or exchanging tickets, please contact Global Ticket: +31 (0)77 208 60 22.
  • Can I buy my tickets at the ticket office?
    It is possible to buy tickets at our ticket office. However, our ticket office does not reward the discount you would have received if you bought your tickets online.
  • I have a voucher, can I redeem this online?
    You can only redeem vouchers at our ticket office, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise on the voucher. The discount given, will be the discount on the basic tariff that applies on the day of your visit.
  • Do I have to buy a ticket for children under 90 cm?
    No, it is not necessary to buy a ticket for children smaller than 90 cm. They have free access to Toverland.
  • I am disabled, where can I buy my tickets?
    Tickets for disabled persons are available at our Guest Service, located near the main entrance. More information about the terms and conditions of the tickets and facilities for disabled persons can be found on our accessibility page.
  • Do (youth)groups receive a discount?
    Yes, it is possible to receive a group discount for 20 persons and more. However, you must book before you visit. Look here for more information.


  • Is there a minimum height for certain attractions?
    With regards to safety we apply a minimum height for most attractions. On various attraction pages you can find, per attraction, the required height to enter an attraction alone or supervised. This page will give you an overview of all height requirements.
  • Are all attractions open during bad weather?
    In principle, we open our attractions also in bad weather. However, in exceptional cases (for example during thunderstorms or high winds)) we may temporarily close certain outdoor attractions. It can also happen that an attraction is temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances or maintenance. Check our opening times calendar whether this is the case on the day of your visit.
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