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Because of the coronavirus Theme park Toverland maintains a restricted maximum capacity. Purchasing an entrance ticket for a specified date of your visit is therefore mandatory for all visitors. In this way we assure a magical and safe day out together. Go for more information to

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Frequently asked questions


  • Why do I need to make a booking?
    In connection with coronavirus, theme park Toverland now works with a limited maximum capacity. For this reason it is required for every visitor to purchase or book a ticket for the date of his intended visit, so that we know how many guests we may welcome every day. This way we can ensure a magical and safe day out together.
  • When do I need to make a booking?
    You only need to make a booking if you already possess a ticket that is still valid, but hasn’t been purchased for a specific date.
  • How do I make a booking?
    In the first step you fill in the barcodes that are printed on the tickets you already have. The codes may vary in length, but will start with 77 or 038 for example. Subsequently you choose the intended date of your booking and fill in your details. A booking confirmation will be sent to you via email. These confirmations do not replace your original tickets, so it is important that you bring along those tickets on your visit to Toverland. After arriving, show your admission tickets together with your booking confirmation at the entrance so that our staff members can check whether you have indeed booked for your visiting day. Without a booking you cannot use your tickets.
  • My code is not recognised, what should I do now?
    If your code is not recognised, send your codes and the date of your intended visit per email to We shall help you as soon as possible.
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